Always a pleasure when @rexkrideout calls to finish some records. A highlight and what a powerful voice! #1 at iTunes already so go check that. Mixed Ciara’s Prayers, All The Lovers, Don’t Like You. S/o to @1980sixx for that special music too! #Repost @riotheyneedahit with @get_repost
@kmichellemusic – #1 on ITunes!!

All Monsters Are Human” out TODAY!

@riotheyneedahit @officialasledge @philthekeys @irobotscott @leemajorkid @producedbysean “Love on Me x Ciaras Prayer x All The Lovers x Don’t Like You”’


Music Appreciation Week, one of my favorite times each year. Trying to get 1st and 2nd graders excited about music and a life in music. @latinfiddler and I explained why we do what we do and broke down @lilnasx Old Town Road to chords on a piano, then programmed it in front of the wide eyed kids and finally have them sing with us. Hearts filled with music and a peek behind the curtain. Also: in three classes being asked “Why do you love this song?” First answer without fail: because there are horses in it!!!!! I love kids. Songwriters take note. Thank you to my wife @kylerengland for putting this all together with love and singing Frozen songs to explain her side of music. Get the kids excited and they will listen. #musicalways #eachonteachone s/o @sweettalkradio for all you did as well!

To all my colleagues and friends who are nominated today: Enjoy this day! Take the wins with a full heart and love for the music we make and the blessing that it is to be recognized for your efforts and creative love! Take the losses with a gratitude to see how far you came and with an open heart for your peers that were lucky tonight! And then we’ll do it all again next year 🙂 #salute #musicalways
To @indiaarie and @aaronwlindsey All the fingers crossed for your GRAMMY nomination tonight and May you take the trophy, so deserved! Thank you for having me be a part of it and I look forward to many more musical adventures.

First single and video for @ty_brasel and @kb_hga is out, “The Power”. Love the message and energy. Thank you for having me mix this and the whole upcoming album. Monster production by @dirtyricemusic, curated and connected by @josephprielozny. Out on @curbrecords #mixedbyFurch LINK IN BIO. #Repost @ty_brasel with @get_repost

The mighty @gem0816 does it again. New video for “Fly Away” (which I mixed for her and @tma68 ) out now and in my linktree. Powerful as always. Thanks for having me and Xie xie. #mixedbyfurch #Repost @gem0816 with @get_repost
我不需要被安慰 只要找 找到聽見的同類🦉
Watch full version on my YouTube Channel!

And one more for Saturday the 18th at 1pm with the great folks at @arturia_official Their AudioFuse Interface is the centerpiece of my mobile rig and B room at the mixHaus studio and their new line of compressors, eqs and reverbs is beautiful! I’ll tell you all about it when I see you there!

More @thenammshow shenanigans with @metrichaloaudio on Saturday the 18th at 2pm. Let’s talk about Channelstrip and HaloVerb and more while mixing #1 records. See you there! #mixedbyfurch

Also on Saturday the 18th at 11am please come by the @mcdsp booth and let’s chat all thing green with the mighty Colin and his team. They are the real deal and have made the tools for great records since I started. I’ll tell you when that was when I see you there! #Repost @mcdsp
📢🎵 Come to Booth #14905 at the North Hall for the @mcdsp NAMM 2020 Colin’s Corner interviews featuring the following guests: Thursday 1/16 – @bobhornmixing @bradwood_producifer , Friday 1/17 – @therealnealavron @davidbottrill & Ryan McCambridge @yungin__k , Saturday 1/18 – Tom Marks @richardfurchmix @frankmorronemix @warrenhuart @tonymaseratiofficial @rocasound 😎 You will also get to see the new Moo X Mixer in person for the APB-16 🔥 Lastly, we’ll be giving away a plug-in to one lucky winner during the Colin’s Corner interviews! 🏆

#McDSP #NAMM2020 #colinscorner #MooXMixer #APB16 #audioengineer #musicproducer #analog #mixing

Come see me talk all things AutoTune on Saturday the 18th at noon at the @autotune booth at @thenammshow and find out why it’s such an indispensable tool for modern record making. Come back as well for insights from @lesliebrathwaite @sirgregwells @jacquireking and @teezio as well. Great times will be had a/o @sirhenrikbridger

New video for @angela_zhangshaohan “All From Me@ is out now! Beautiful, super creative. #mixedbyfurch