Fingers crossed for the Grammys this weekend Please check out this beautiful project. @indiaarie always one of my favorites. Strong, honest music and beautifully produced by @aaronwlindsey. #mixedbyfurch #Repost @indiaarie
SongVersation: Medicine was Nominated for a Grammy and were all so excited! Bathe in this aural sacred space ~ get it on itunes now ~ this is a companion album to my earlier work “SongVersation” so look for the BIG CIRCLE – that is how you will know it is “SongVersation: MEDICINE” love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #iamlight #soulbirdrise #chickensoupinasong #breathe

New EP “Cherished” by @chua.tanya is out now. Always so honored to make music with this outstanding singer and songwriter and producer and friend. Check it out! #mixedbyfurch #asianadventure

Road Trip Time: If you are attending #ces2018 in Vegas on Wednesday, join me and the amazing @edcherney talking High Resolution Audio at the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion, Booth 14735 in the Central Hall of the LVCC. @recordingacademy #producersandengineerswing