New @jjlin song coming out in two days! Thankful to be mixing such great music for JJ and the team @yvonnexpy @producer_alex.d @shin_chou @brandon.buckley_ Go JJ go! #mixedbyfurch #Repost @jjlin

很開心可以跟 李铭順大哥 在《對的時間點》首次合作,擁有了這隻充滿愛的新歌MV。

來跟我一起在8月26日12PM看完整版MV大首播! (官方 JJ LIN 林俊傑 YouTube 頻道)

Very excited to be working with Christopher Lee on this new project!

Join me on (the official JJ LIN 林俊傑YouTube channel), 26th Aug 12:00PM, as we premiere the music video “The Right Time”! #林俊傑對的時間點

Great company for @tobilou “Live On Ice”. Keep soaring! #mixedbyFurch #Repost @tobilou
look what y’all did😢, so many lives saved 😭

Friendly reminder on 808 day that basically every song on @tobilou “Live On Ice” album has juicy and beautiful 808 bass lines. Like everywhere. It’s like an ode to @roland_us and their iconic drum machine. Just saying. Also. You should listen to it because it’s awesome music and it’s #mixedbyfurch

@tobilou Live On Ice album is out today. Trust me you’d wanna check that. What a masterful piece of music. Thank you for letting me mix and kick that over the finish line for you and @chilottery @goodnightmeesh @noahbreakfast @lejkeys @xbyryan @facersaid @glassface @geoffrocause @ryandestiny @rockiefresh @chwenotchew @austinmarc @ktwicebeats @juicebangers @halibab_matador @karltonsellers @woodsmatteo @popnick @maximiliancmueller @gslow @_soundbwoy @theericarene #mixedbyFurch Repost @tobilou
This is my album but now it belongs to you too. There were many times over the past 5 years where i didn’t think this day would ever come. I’m just thankful for each and everyone of y’all who kept me going by sending love and positivity my way. I went through every single emotion while making this shit. I went through it so that i could be there for you whenever you were going through it. I love y’all. #LiveOnIce Out Now

Thank you for the shout out @victorlaumusic ! Love working on your productions and @cocolee is amazing. Go team! #mixedbyFurch #asianadventure #Repost @victorlaumusic
#throwbackthursday #tbt 🔥
Couple years ago I had the privilege to produce a track for the one and only @cocolee 😍 It was the theme song for her concert tour and is now in her new album dropped last month. Shout out to @thefinlee for the awesome co-write, @rayliumusic aka demo fairy, and @richardfurchmix for that classy mix 🤟

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