Oh hello Number 1 again! Plaque time. @indiaarie single “Steady Love” mixed by me at the mixHaus in LA. Grateful to be part of honest awesome music. Congrats to the team! #Repost @indiaarie with @get_repost
STEADY LOVE IS #1 AND URBAN / AC RADIO ‼️‼️‼️‼️ WHOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! My first since 2006 // and ive been thru soooooooooo much in these years. I’ve decided to retire SEVERAL times! And now this reward! Thank you God for GRACE and an open heart / @aaronwlindsey We did it THANK YOU for this song! // THANK YOU MOM! Than you to my BMG TEAM! AND! @anasatroutman @stephengranthill #kevingasser @jilenecoggins @stylistjbolin / Thank you to my #soulbirds / my NEW fans / and @davidbanner for aaaaalllll the magic you brought to the video! #1 #worthy #steadylove #steadylovechallenge

I was nominated by @vsopstudios to post10 albums that had a huge musical impact on me. So for day 3 it’s @theprodigyofficial Fat Of The Land, especially Firestarter and Breathe. RIP Keith Flint and what powerful music. I nominate @missmeowmix as she loves this kinda stuff too.

I was nominated by @vsopstudios to put 10 albums that had a huge musical impact on me. So for day 2 it’s @prince Diamonds And Pearls. What a great to work with the artist later in my travels. I nominate @hayes.morris who was instrumental in these travels.

@sukieshek album “Nostalgia” was sent to me by the kind @patricktangtricks it was a pleasure to mix 5 songs for her project including the first single 石詠莉. Grand jazz arrangements with a pop twist. And Wallace Lam did his thing here as well as @derrick_sepnio Fergus Chow and @winterplay_juhan and @bradblackwood on the master. Look at the beautiful artwork. I miss CDs. This is excellent. Thank you for the note it means a lot. Xie xie.

@jjlin at number 1 and 2 again kinda everywhere with Wonderland and As I Believe, both mixed by Richard Furch. S/o to the Team @yvonnexpy @producer_alex.d @shin_chou @t2tattong @theswaggernautz @jovanybarreto congrats to all. Monsters! #mixedbyfurch mixHaus studios

@jjlin keeps bringing the magic and so thankful to have mixed this great song for him! “As I Believe” out now! #mixedbyfurch #Repost @jjlin
There is a space in my heart,
Where we dream the impossible,
Where we store our most precious memories,
Where our aspirations take flight, “As long as I believe what I believe,
I can be all that I know all I can be” 【As I Believe】out on all major music platforms now!
JJ Lin x @dickleeparadise x @long.goh

只要我相信 我所相信的
每一刻 都是對的時間點
無論如何 讓愛指引
帶著激情 使夢想飛翔 【As I Believe】正式上線!
林俊傑 x 李迪文 x 吳慶隆

#林俊傑對的時間點 #song2

As a fan of singer/songwriters and great people that make great music that impacted radio around the world since the 90s, I am super stoked to see that @lisaloeb released the first single “Sing Out” (that I had the most fun mixing) from her forthcoming album. Having Lisa and her producer and old studio partner @richjacques in my studio was a highlight and memory this year. Gosh I love making music with people and hanging and making records. I really do. Please check it out and congrats Lisa! #Repost @lisaloeb
New song alert! 🎶 Today, In honor of #ComingOutDay, I’m dropping a new single, “Sing Out!” Originally written with @ericlumiere to perform at @nashvillepridefestival, it celebrates you being you. Listen to “Sing Out” on @queerty now, and read all about it, As I said, “It should be a universal right to be yourself and respect others. So that’s really what the song is about.“ Links to listen in bio! ⁣⁣
⁣"Sing Out” was co-produced with @richjacques with: @vanessafreebairnsmith on cello, @billlefler on snare drum, mixed by @richardfurchmix ⁣⁣and mastered by @hansdekline ⁣⁣
#newmusic #comingout #nationalcomingoutday #beproud #beyourself #lisaloeb #newmusicfriday #newsingle #upliftingmusic #pridemusicbrasil

Almost here… MV @jjlin 10/14…Wonderland #Repost @jjlin
「千年以來 唯獨妳的信號 不曾間斷 」
10月14日 00:00 (凌晨零時)正式上線! “I’ve been searching a thousand years for you…” My new song “Wonderland” will be dropping October 14th, 12am GMT+8, stay tuned!