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KV2 EX with dual 18″ Bag End Subwoofers, Infrasub Generator
Crown Amplification


Carl Tatz Phantom Focus System with
Focal Twin6Be and Dual subwoofers
ProAc Studio 100 (4) with Bryston 4BST
Pelonis System 42
inMotion iPhone dock


Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Neve 33609
Smart Research C2
TubeTech CL1B
Focusrite Red 3
Avalon 2044 Stereo
Distressors (2)
Daking FET II (2)
Retro STA Level
Universal Audio 1176 AE
Inward Connections VacRac TSL3
Overstayers Stereo Comp (2)
dbx 160xt (2)
Avalon 737sp
Anamod ATS-1 Tape Simulator
SPL Transient Designer 4


Avalon 2055 Stereo
Chandler LTD1
Avalon 737sp
API 312c (10)
Neumann/True Systems 8
16 C24 Mic Pres


Lexicon 480L
Lexicon 300
Lexicon PCM70 (3)
Eventide 2016
Yamaha SPX990
Yamaha SPX90
SansAmp PSA1
Funk Logic Palindrometer


Legally almost everything known to man
Waves Diamond
Waves SSL
Waves CLA, MM and TM bundles
Soundtoys Bundle
URS A, N, S Series
URS Channel Strip Pro
URS Saturation
McDSP Bundle
Reverb One
TL Space
Cranesong Phoenix
UAD 33609, EMT 250, Pultec, 1176, LA2A, LA3A, dbx 160VU and almost everything
Slate Digital Everything Bundle
Exponential Audio Reverbs


Korby Exchangeable Capsule System
with AKG C12, Telefunken 251, Sony C800G, Neumann U67 and U47 capsules
Neumann M147 tube
Vanguard Audio V13 Tube
Mohave Audio MA100 Tube Stereo Pair
SM57 (5)
SP C4 (2)
Sennheiser MD421 (2)
Audio Technica 2020
Yamaha Subkick


Upright Piano
Motif XS7 keyboard
Yamaha DX7
Nord Electro keyboard
Yamaha Digital Piano
M-Audio USB controller keyboard
Doepfer 88-keys master keyboard
Line 6 Variax electric guitar with Pod XT Live
Acoustic Guitar
Native Instruments Komplete
Stylus RMX
Reason 4
Logic 10
Studio One 3
Live 9
Ohmforce M-Tron, Imposcar, Minimonsta

and other soft synths…