By the way, if you enjoyed the massive bass and pounding 808s at the @tobilou concert yesterday, that’d be courtesy of some punishing low end in my mixes for his album “Live On Ice”. So, you want some of that in your tracks? Hit me here or at my website link in bio #mixedbyFurch #musicproduction

Celebrating a man, his family and his new gorgeous studio the glasshouse (or Glashaus? You know. Like mixHaus. Make it so!). @gabrielmann is an amazing friend, composer, musician, husband and father and @kylerengland and I are lucky to call him friend (and in the case of Kyler, musical partner in crime in @therescues, who did a special and haunting performance that night). You did good sir, and we’re proud of you and hope to see amazing creations and collaborations come from that place. S/o for completing the night @byaginc @abloomfox @dontencourageher @beckykmusic @matthewpuckettfilm @mark_robertson720 Ali Feder @edielehbod @lucyschwartzmusic @decomposer Mischke @jasonreiterband and the amazing photographer of this shot 🙂

New @jjlin single “The Story Of Us” is out today as well. Grand music by one of my favorite people and voices. Great job JJ and team @yvonnexpy @shin_chou @producer_alex.d #mixedbyFurch at the mixHaus studios LA

New @angela_zhangshaohan single out now! #mixedbyFurch #Repost @angela_zhangshaohan

@angela_zhangshaohan has released her crazy beautiful video for her latest single “The Kite Leads The Way”. Ready for the massive drama? Check this out (link in bio 🙂 mixed and mastered by me at the mixHaus Studios, LA s/o Bryan Yang for having me! #mixedbyFurch

Happy Moon Cake Festival everyone and thank you to @jjlin @yvonnexpy @shin_chou @producer_alex.d for bringing the most awesome moon cakes to the mixHaus. You guys are a class act always!