Celebrating a man, his family and his new gorgeous studio the glasshouse (or Glashaus? You know. Like mixHaus. Make it so!). @gabrielmann is an amazing friend, composer, musician, husband and father and @kylerengland and I are lucky to call him friend (and in the case of Kyler, musical partner in crime in @therescues, who did a special and haunting performance that night). You did good sir, and we’re proud of you and hope to see amazing creations and collaborations come from that place. S/o for completing the night @byaginc @abloomfox @dontencourageher @beckykmusic @matthewpuckettfilm @mark_robertson720 Ali Feder @edielehbod @lucyschwartzmusic @decomposer Mischke @jasonreiterband and the amazing photographer of this shot 🙂

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