Oh hello Number 1 again! Plaque time. @indiaarie single “Steady Love” mixed by me at the mixHaus in LA. Grateful to be part of honest awesome music. Congrats to the team! #Repost @indiaarie with @get_repost
STEADY LOVE IS #1 AND URBAN / AC RADIO ‼️‼️‼️‼️ WHOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! My first since 2006 // and ive been thru soooooooooo much in these years. I’ve decided to retire SEVERAL times! And now this reward! Thank you God for GRACE and an open heart / @aaronwlindsey We did it THANK YOU for this song! // THANK YOU MOM! Than you to my BMG TEAM! AND! @anasatroutman @stephengranthill #kevingasser @jilenecoggins @stylistjbolin / Thank you to my #soulbirds / my NEW fans / and @davidbanner for aaaaalllll the magic you brought to the video! #1 #worthy #steadylove #steadylovechallenge