@tobilou Live On Ice album is out today. Trust me you’d wanna check that. What a masterful piece of music. Thank you for letting me mix and kick that over the finish line for you and @chilottery @goodnightmeesh @noahbreakfast @lejkeys @xbyryan @facersaid @glassface @geoffrocause @ryandestiny @rockiefresh @chwenotchew @austinmarc @ktwicebeats @juicebangers @halibab_matador @karltonsellers @woodsmatteo @popnick @maximiliancmueller @gslow @_soundbwoy @theericarene #mixedbyFurch Repost @tobilou
This is my album but now it belongs to you too. There were many times over the past 5 years where i didn’t think this day would ever come. I’m just thankful for each and everyone of y’all who kept me going by sending love and positivity my way. I went through every single emotion while making this shit. I went through it so that i could be there for you whenever you were going through it. I love y’all. #LiveOnIce Out Now