Music Appreciation Week, one of my favorite times each year. Trying to get 1st and 2nd graders excited about music and a life in music. @latinfiddler and I explained why we do what we do and broke down @lilnasx Old Town Road to chords on a piano, then programmed it in front of the wide eyed kids and finally have them sing with us. Hearts filled with music and a peek behind the curtain. Also: in three classes being asked “Why do you love this song?” First answer without fail: because there are horses in it!!!!! I love kids. Songwriters take note. Thank you to my wife @kylerengland for putting this all together with love and singing Frozen songs to explain her side of music. Get the kids excited and they will listen. #musicalways #eachonteachone s/o @sweettalkradio for all you did as well!