@jjlin keeps bringing the magic and so thankful to have mixed this great song for him! “As I Believe” out now! #mixedbyfurch #Repost @jjlin
There is a space in my heart,
Where we dream the impossible,
Where we store our most precious memories,
Where our aspirations take flight, “As long as I believe what I believe,
I can be all that I know all I can be” 【As I Believe】out on all major music platforms now!
JJ Lin x @dickleeparadise x @long.goh

只要我相信 我所相信的
每一刻 都是對的時間點
無論如何 讓愛指引
帶著激情 使夢想飛翔 【As I Believe】正式上線!
林俊傑 x 李迪文 x 吳慶隆

#林俊傑對的時間點 #song2

New @jjlin song coming out in two days! Thankful to be mixing such great music for JJ and the team @yvonnexpy @producer_alex.d @shin_chou @brandon.buckley_ Go JJ go! #mixedbyfurch #Repost @jjlin

很開心可以跟 李铭順大哥 在《對的時間點》首次合作,擁有了這隻充滿愛的新歌MV。

來跟我一起在8月26日12PM看完整版MV大首播! Youtube.com/jjlin (官方 JJ LIN 林俊傑 YouTube 頻道)

Very excited to be working with Christopher Lee on this new project!

Join me on Youtube.com/jjlin (the official JJ LIN 林俊傑YouTube channel), 26th Aug 12:00PM, as we premiere the music video “The Right Time”! #林俊傑對的時間點