@sukieshek album “Nostalgia” was sent to me by the kind @patricktangtricks it was a pleasure to mix 5 songs for her project including the first single 石詠莉. Grand jazz arrangements with a pop twist. And Wallace Lam did his thing here as well as @derrick_sepnio Fergus Chow and @winterplay_juhan and @bradblackwood on the master. Look at the beautiful artwork. I miss CDs. This is excellent. Thank you for the note it means a lot. Xie xie.

@jjlin at number 1 and 2 again kinda everywhere with Wonderland and As I Believe, both mixed by Richard Furch. S/o to the Team @yvonnexpy @producer_alex.d @shin_chou @t2tattong @theswaggernautz @jovanybarreto congrats to all. Monsters! #mixedbyfurch mixHaus studios

The incomparable @tobilou releases the video to “Theme Music” (which I mixed for him along with the whole “Live On Ice” album). Monster creative music and world class human to boot. Hey Tobi, what’s this? “It’s Britney, bi@$&” s/o @chilottery @xbryanxx link in bio #anotherone #mixedbyfurch #musicproduction #Repost @tobilou

@jjlin keeps bringing the magic and so thankful to have mixed this great song for him! “As I Believe” out now! #mixedbyfurch #Repost @jjlin
There is a space in my heart,
Where we dream the impossible,
Where we store our most precious memories,
Where our aspirations take flight, “As long as I believe what I believe,
I can be all that I know all I can be” 【As I Believe】out on all major music platforms now!
JJ Lin x @dickleeparadise x @long.goh

只要我相信 我所相信的
每一刻 都是對的時間點
無論如何 讓愛指引
帶著激情 使夢想飛翔 【As I Believe】正式上線!
林俊傑 x 李迪文 x 吳慶隆

#林俊傑對的時間點 #song2

As a fan of singer/songwriters and great people that make great music that impacted radio around the world since the 90s, I am super stoked to see that @lisaloeb released the first single “Sing Out” (that I had the most fun mixing) from her forthcoming album. Having Lisa and her producer and old studio partner @richjacques in my studio was a highlight and memory this year. Gosh I love making music with people and hanging and making records. I really do. Please check it out and congrats Lisa! #Repost @lisaloeb
New song alert! 🎶 Today, In honor of #ComingOutDay, I’m dropping a new single, “Sing Out!” Originally written with @ericlumiere to perform at @nashvillepridefestival, it celebrates you being you. Listen to “Sing Out” on @queerty now, and read all about it, As I said, “It should be a universal right to be yourself and respect others. So that’s really what the song is about.“ Links to listen in bio! ⁣⁣
⁣"Sing Out” was co-produced with @richjacques with: @vanessafreebairnsmith on cello, @billlefler on snare drum, mixed by @richardfurchmix ⁣⁣and mastered by @hansdekline ⁣⁣
#newmusic #comingout #nationalcomingoutday #beproud #beyourself #lisaloeb #newmusicfriday #newsingle #upliftingmusic #pridemusicbrasil

Almost here… MV @jjlin 10/14…Wonderland #Repost @jjlin
「千年以來 唯獨妳的信號 不曾間斷 」
10月14日 00:00 (凌晨零時)正式上線! “I’ve been searching a thousand years for you…” My new song “Wonderland” will be dropping October 14th, 12am GMT+8, stay tuned!


GRAMMY For Your Consideration in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category the amazing @indiaarie “Worthy” album and the single “Steady Love” in the Best R&B Song and Best Traditional R&B Performance. Great music by great people. S/o @aaronwlindsey @_shannonsanders @chucknkd Mixed by me at the the mixHaus Studios, Los Angeles #mixedbyFurch #musicproduction

Love that unstoppable @tobilou ”Live On Ice” album? People are raving about how dope it sounds, thundering 808s and massive low end, beats that slap, in your face vocals that pop and that extra feel good sonic experience. Let’s mix your music next… Get in touch! #mixedbyFurch #mixing #mixer #sonics #musicproduction #studiolife (at Los Angeles, California)

There is no crop or filter that would make @six7music not look like a foot and a half taller than me (which he is). He’s like the @shaq of engineers and producers and great and talented people to boot. Thanks for the great hang and stories my friend! We go all the way back to the most amazing @flytetymelewis @flytetymejam days. Just missing @mattmarrin @voytek and Vida!