@pensadosplace的最新一集是关于@finneas的,他与@billieeilish,Dave和Herb合作的作品包括我的混音大师班@ gem0816和她的歌曲Lightyears Away(在YouTube上有2亿次观看,她现在也是#1) 歌我混合了)。 全部有中文字幕! 访问www.emixing.com,查看预告片并使用代码“pensado”获得10%的优惠,我会教你所知道的一切! #mixedbyFurch The latest episode of @pensadosplace is about @finneas and his work with @billieeilish and Dave and Herb are featuring my Mixing Masterclass featuring @gem0816 and her song Lightyears Away (200 million views on YouTube and she is also #1 right now again with a song I mixed). All with Chinese subtitles! Go to www.emixing.com, check out the trailer and use code “pensado” for 10% off and i’ll teach you everything I know! #mixedbyFurch #masterclass #mixing

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