Oh my! It is here!!! What a journey it has been to get here but i’m so proud to say @indiaarie ”Worthy” album is now out and you check out this honest amazing music put together by her, @aaronwlindsey @chucknkd @_shannonsanders @Joel cross.music and so many more. I love mixing music for amazing artists and musicians, they are the architects of heaven. S/o to Kevin Gasser/Benchmark LA, @bmg_us and of course @rexkrideout @theethiopiandream for the original connect on the #songversation album. #Repost @indiaarie
WORTHY! // I’m over the TOP EXCITED! Lol //Have you heard it?! Wachu thinkin’?! Wachu feelin’?! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #iamlight

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